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Communication is currency.
Which is why you want to be:

The BRILLIANT Communicator

Transform the way you Think.Write.Speak.

Elevate Your Influence and Become the Obvious Choice in Your Field.

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How would life be if you were a better communicator? 

How often have you come away from an interaction thinking:

I should have said that!
I wish they knew this!
I've lost that opportunity...

  • Are you brilliant at what you do - but lose out on opportunities? 
  • Do you want to showcase your brilliance and expertise and become the known expert in your field?
  • Are you looking to raise your profile but don’t know where to start?

In the next few months I'm launching my book: The BRILLIANT communicator.

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Discover how mastering communication skills can supercharge your earning power, get you better known for your brilliance, and enable you to sustain your version of success. 

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Learn how being a brilliant communicator serves as a protective anti-loss shield, preventing you from losing out on the right opportunities. Mastering it secures your future.

➡️ Be Chosen

Communication is a core skill. There's a direct link between how well you do it, and how well your life turns out. It is the difference between you being solvent, sane, successful - or not.

"One of the most informative sessions I've ever attended"

- Ali Yasin

I wanted to tell you that you were the most impressive “presenter” I have ever encountered (and, trust me, I encounter dozens of them every year in every country in the world). Normally, presenters give well crafted introductions of the speakers. They research their subjects and so on and so forth. But they don’t listen!!! You, on the other hand, paid attention to what was said, commented intelligently on the contributions, related the main ideas of two or more different speakers. In sum, you did an extraordinary job. And I am glad that I have the opportunity to tell you!”

Xavier Sala-i-Martin
Leading global economist. Columbia University Professor

Since 2010 Nima has been the go-to person for all media training requirements across multiple industries and clients. Nima has a unique way of extracting the right information from executives during the training session, and uses her knowledge and insight to help them improve their delivery and communication and style.

Theodore Halabi
Media & Analyst Relations Lead, Accenture Middle East.


Stop losing out on opportunities. 

How you communicate = How your life turns out.

Time to be BRILLIANT at getting across what you Need. Want. Do.


About me:

I'm the person who'd decide who gets to speak, how long for, get airtime, be a focal point... based on how well they communicate.

On global TV - last stint at BBC World as the anchor for Middle East Business Report for 12 years - and on stages across the world.

I train people at the top of their game to communicate with impact and influence.

Communication is the currency with which all success is built.

No point being brilliant at what you know and do, without being able to share it - in a way that gets the right people interested, and taking action as a result.

"I loved my one on one with Nima. Her input is spot on, tailored to my needs, pragmatic and actionable. We did the work together versus me having to figure things out on my own, I had an action plan. I thoroughly recommend working with Nima, not only is she extremely sharp, has the experience and the expertise, she’s also a genuine and warm person. Will certainly work with her again!

- Loulou Khazen

"When I was practising my talk yesterday, I had your image in my mind and then I tried to imitate you, to imitate your posture, the way you pronounce words, the way you reveal confidence. I also remember you telling me to look for statistics when approaching a client, so in my preparation, I researched and came up with statistics to support my ideas….I felt powerful as you!!!"

- Jiana Saad